The Surprise Cake - Accessories Included


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Transform any party into a surprise party with the reusable Popping Stand. Hide new phones, gift cards, jewellery, special tickets, party favours or even pull off a gender reveal! The 2-in-1 Popping Stand can fit cakes up to 31cm in diameter and 15cm tall or 24 standard sized cupcakes. 

The spring-loaded Stand includes a Gift Pod large enough to hold a modern day mobile phone. With the pull of a ring or the crank of a music box (the same one used in the Jack-in-the-Box toy!) your secret gift pops through your cake at just the right #SurpriseCakeMoment.

With the Popping Stand, whether the surprise is a gender reveal, mobile phone, jewellery or even love notes there is no end to the creative and personalised possibilities. 

Stand Dimensions: 31 cm x 15 cm  


 * Cake Stand

 * Cake Corer

* Surprise Pod


 INCLUDES Acessories:

* Music Box that ends with the POP! (Melody is Happy Birthday)

* Cake Cover with Carry Handle

* Cup Cake 2nd Tier Stand

* Candle Holder