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IOco Bamboo re-use Lunch Box - 700ml White

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IOco's bamboo lunchbox looks amazing and is made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and cornstarch, with a silicone seal and an elastic band. The ideal alternative for grown-ups and kids lunches to the traditional platic lunch box. 


- 700ml capacity

- Bio-degradable Bamboo Composite

- Silicone Seal to secure the lid to the base

- Elastic Strap to keep the lid secure

- Dishwashable and easy to clean

- Re-Usable and minimizes the use of plastic


Directions:  The IOco re-use lunchbox is made from natural materials and should be looked after with care. The bamboo fibre box is dishwasher friendly, however the bamboo lid is not dishwasher friendly and should not be soaked to avoid bamboo warping.

Do not use in the microwave or oven as this will enhance the breakdown of your Bamboo. 

Wipe the lid occasionally with vegetable oil to protect bamboo and hydrate the bamboo lid.

We recommend that you don't use the strap to remove your lid. 

Not recommended for liquids.

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